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  Advertisments offers you the opportunity to display or promote your Business or Web site, using Banner Ads. Banner Ads are text and picture image files, so that when you click on a Banner Ad, it sends you to the advertised web site, or it simply displays pertinent information.

As per the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) guidelines, any Banners or Images submitted to must conform to the following pixel size.

Full Banner468 x 60 pixels

The following identifies some characteristics and pre-requisites for Banner Images at

  • The Banner Image can either be of a GIF or JPG format.
  • The Banner Image can either be animated or static.
  • Banner Image size must be 468 x 60 pixels.
  • The Banner Image is to be primarily Sth Australian or Australian focused in content. International Banners may be accepted, once vetted and approved.
  • A Banner Image will be displayed on most if not all web pages at
  • The rotation and display of each Banner Image is determined at random.
  • No preference, priority or frequency ratios are given towards each Banner Image that is displayed.
  • The content of a Banner Images must posses one of the following general characteristics or themes:
    • Fishing
    • Tackle
    • Boating
    • Marine
    • Aquaculture
    • Accommodation
    • Camping

The aim of the Banner Ads at is to simply identify and promote businesses, ventures and web sites within Sth Australia and Australia.

To register your Banner Ad with, simply send an email to the following address with your attached Image.

[email protected]

Should your Banner Ad meet the above pre-requisites and characteristics, it will be processed within 24 hours of acceptance.

 Please Note: No policies or declarations or mandates exist, whereby FSA is compelled or desires to charge, for any monetary value, for said advertising of banners. Given the fact that FSA strives to remain totally free to its viewers and to businesses in Sth Australia, and that this web site is funded and maintained through personal endeavours and financial means, FSA welcomes any form of advice from you, for this undertaking.

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