From: Tom Poczman
Sent: Sunday, 29 August 2004 6:51 PM
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Subject: Awaiting Response - Common courtesy not evident

To the Premier and Ministers,

On the 8th of August, 2004, I emailed you all some correspondence regarding decisions concerning the King George Whiting Issue. Please find attached the original letter to you all, addressing my concerns in this regard.

Consequently, I received an auto-reply email addressed from Truong-Tran, Kim (DPC) asking for my postal address, for you to reply. It is nice to see we are all impersonal - just like the banks ! - good people focus !

Though I provided a postal address, to date, I have not received ANY FORM of correspondence from you, whether it be an email (god forbid for it to be a template answer !) or snail mail, and I then wondered why you would ask for my postal address.

Now given that effectively, you as politicians work for the people of South Australia, and are empowered to make decisions on our behalf, I must ask you why you appear to disregard the concept of common courtesy, in regards legitimate & valid correspondence.

As per the email from Truong-Tran


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This is an Auto Reply.
Thank you for your email to the Premier.
Could you please forward your postal address to enable a response to be provided. If this is not provided, it will not be possible to respond to you.

Given that I have provided you with a postal address, and no reply has been forthcoming, consequently, to what I perceive to be rudeness and a lack of common courtesy on your behalf, I intend on focusing my efforts regarding the above, in highlighting my concerns as well as the perceived degree of nepotism I believe you hold towards the commercial netters, on my web site.

Feel free to review my main index page at - I have already commenced my efforts. I personally enjoy the photo to the question “Is Our State Government Listening ?”, as it appears to be the case.

My aim is to also draw attention to the general public through my web site, the concerns that I have as do many other Recreational Anglers and dare I say voters of this State, of the imbalance that exists in not just the representation that Recreational Fishers in South Australia have in the decision making process that directly or indirectly affects us,  but I intend to passionately focus, highlight and publicly promote any and all issues and concerns in this regard, leading up to the next State and Federal Election.

I understand that SARFAC is chartered to represent the concerns of the Recreational Fishers to the Government in an advisory capacity, and yet given its importance and depiction, it has no part or balanced representation in this decision making process. Common sense, I believe should dictate for this NOT to be so. This fact has been ongoing for many years now, and the adage of “It takes longer to do things quickly” or “It costs more to do things cheaply” in your Government does not sit well with me.

I used to be a die hard Labour man, believed in your policies towards education, social services etc. I also used to, as a 12 year old, help my father do letter box drops for the member of Makin at the time, prior to any State Election. I now look upon these times with bitterness, given your strategies and policies and focus towards Recreational Fishing.

A note of reflection, it would be interesting to see how many voters who are recreational anglers, live in marginal seats like Makin, Hindmarsh and Adelaide.

The above are purely my thoughts, concerns, frustrations and observations. These thoughts however can and have been duplicated if not documented in posts within my Forum, from other frustrated anglers and voters. You as an incumbent government, and I stress the word incumbent, need to understand that the Recreational Angling fraternity does and will endeavour to have a voice as to what decisions are made concerning recreational angling, a LOUD VOICE, whether it be through petitions, SARFAC, or electronic media. We cannot be and will no longer be ignored.

I will continue to highlight as best I can, facts and actual if not timely (or none there of) deliverables from your government towards our plight, whether it be negative or positive in content, but I will also endeavour to use my web site as a medium, in voicing opinions, concerns and innuendos to and from the public, so as to ensure they are not blinded by what I perceive to be, your one sided propaganda. I believe I have this right, I have the right of freedom of speech, and I have the right without harm to publicly oppose and vehemently dispute your agenda towards the Recreational Anglers.

Quite simply, you have been made aware of my intentions.

Also be advised any and all correspondence, including this email and past emails to you, are posted verbatim with my Forum, for general viewing. I like to keep people informed of your activity, or perceived lack there of.

With definite and frustrated prejudice

Tom Poczman

Tom Poczman
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